I, Marco, am Venetian. I left Venice in 1999 to work in Rome and then in Milan where I met Alessandra. Alessandra was born and lived all her life  in Milan, where she studied (high school of arts) and she worked in an advertising agency. It’s in In Milan where our  love story began and in milan our daughter Anita was born. After having lived the reality of these two big italian metropolis, we have decided to give  Anita the opportunity to grow up in Venice. Being in Venice, in this lagoon, apart from  the cultural stimuli which  are unique to  this  place,you have  the chance to rediscover the "the natural passing of time" of the elements like water and earth ( one almost always walks  ... or uses the boat ) and also helps you to rediscover the "more personal and intimate time". So, at least, it has  always been for me, every time I  come back to this town. The area in  which we live , is a little secluded and still lived  by Venetians, with its historical places: the "Bacari" and its taverns, its silences and the spoken dialect, which  induces you to enjoy authentically the ancient dimension of a ‘water town’. Moreover, the house we have chosen,is luminous and surrounded by the green of an ex Franciscan cloister which encourages you to rediscover your more relaxed inner condition. In  this house we have started  again to practise Yoga, as we were doing before our busy days at work and the birth of  Anita. We sincerely hope that the guests who will come to visit us, besides to appreciate the city’s beauty and its history, may  also enjoy this more intimate experience and that they will  keep  the memory on  their return back home.

See you soon.